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Workshops & Events

“When you realize there is nothing lacking,
the whole world belongs to you.”
—Lao Tzu

                     “Community is important to us, and we are excited to provide a supportive, peaceful, and nurturing atmosphere where people can begin to align themselves with their own healing abilities while learning, growing, and connecting with others through group classes, workshops, and other events.”

The above statement copied from our homepage was the catalyst for our vision to bring experts from all different modalities of healing, health, and wellness together giving these educators the opportunity to share their knowledge with the community in a supportive and peaceful environment and by doing so giving each individual the opportunity to learn from these educators the wisdom and tools needed to grow and expand their health consciousness holistically for the benefit of themselves and the world.

Our intention for New World Wellness is to recreate a modern model of the ancient mystery schools of the past in the here and now. Thus, New World Wellness offers workshops and events from a wide variety of healing, health, and wellness modalities.

Our workshops and events may be ongoing or offered in a single or series format. Events that will be ongoing will include, but not be limited to: Walking to the Beat of Your Own Drum: Healing Drum Circle, Acoustic “Jammy” Night, Conscious Movie Night, and Inspirational Reading Group.

Workshops and events that may be offered as a single or series may include topics such as, but not be limited to: The Law of Attraction: Believe It, Feel It, & See It, Meditation for Everyone, Healing with Aromatherapy, Energy Healing, Crystal bowl Healing, Singing Bowls, Balancing the Chakras, The Power of Chanting, Reiki for Relaxation, Healing through Art, Jewelry Making, Conscious Eating, Eco Awareness, Pet Therapies, Crystal & Mineral Healing, Ayurvedic Health Tools, Understanding A Course In Miracles, Living the New Earth, and many more. Again, see “calendar and events” on home page for what we are currently offering. Workshop/Event pricing varies and will be posted on Event Calendar.

At New World Wellness we understand that by connecting and aligning with your own peace and wellness and by making this your primary state of being that you will bring peace and wellness to the entire world. Thus, our New World Modern Mystery School wants to give you this valuable opportunity to heal, grow, and be at peace.

Invitation to all Wellness Educators

Are you an expert in a certain field of holistic wellness? Do you need a space to teach and inform? Our New World “Mystery School” is the perfect venue to reach and teach a growing community. We have all the tools you need to effectively present your workshop or event: a beautiful 600 Sq ft area equipped with chairs, Power Point projection unit and state of the art audio system to bring your event to life. In addition, we also have recording capabilities available off site if you have been looking for an affordable way to record your teachings, books, mediations, visualizations, or other practices. Please contact us directly for further information.

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