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Gift Shop

"Live in balance between the head
and the heart by filling your feelings
with wisdom and your decisions with love."

Welcome Conscious Shoppers!

We invite you to visit our unique gift shop where we sell healthy inspired items. It has been our mission to seek out locally made, fair-trade, and eco-conscious gifts and products to make your shopping experience with New World Wellness truly unique.

Some of our products include, but are not limited to: various singing bowls, hand-crafted essential oils, locally produced natural honey and herbal teas, stones and crystals, handmade jewelry, books and kits, wind chimes, inspirational décor, children’s gifts, Meditation supplies, Yoga supplies, and much more!

We have been on a quest to create something truly different and so have opened our doors to local artists to sell their creations and crafts. This idea to include local artists is to support our community and to ensure the gifts you purchase are truly “One of a kind”.

Please note that on our website we feature a new artist each month not only to promote the local artists, but also to ensure that you, the shopper, are able to learn more about the people you support when you purchase their artistry. So make sure to check out our featured artists!

If you happen to be an artist or craftsperson yourself or know of someone that is looking for a place to sell and display their creations just remember our door is always open. Feel free to e-mail us, call us, or stop by if you have any further questions.

Hours of operation for gift shop vary between group classes, scheduled services, and events. Call prior to verify or just stop by!

Come in and enjoy a unique shopping experience!

New World Wellness Photo

New World Wellness Photo

New World Wellness Photo

New World Wellness Photo

New World Wellness Photo

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