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About New World Wellness

“It is one of the most beautiful compensations
of this life that no man can sincerely try to
help another without helping himself...
Serve and thou shall be served." —Ralph Waldo Emerson

                    Proprietors: Nicole Georgi-Costello, LMHC, RYT & Craig Costello, BS

A partnership in friendship, marriage, and now a professional partnership we feel truly blessed to be working together towards creating a “New World” where everyone will be able to (as our slogan says) “Feel Good Now”. Both holding strong understandings in diverse areas of health, wellness, and personal growth our pairing makes a great team to serve you and your community in the delivery of a wide range of holistic health and wellness services.

“The greatest revolution of our generation is the discovery that human beings, by changing the inner attitudes of their minds, can change the outer aspects of their lives.”—William James

Our Journey

New World WellnessSince I, Nicole, was very small I have been attracted to the helping professions due to a strong knowing that although human beings are separate physically we are strongly connected. As early as age seven I began developing my skills as an advice giver when I became “Dear Abby” in our second grade class newspaper. As a child I knew I would serve in the helping professions due to my strong desire to assist others paired with my personal gifts in understanding, compassion, empathy, sensitivity, and the general ability to place most people at ease.

During completion of my Bachelor’s Degree I realized my life’s work would evolve from a career in mental health to someday spearheading the creation of an integrative and holistic wellness practice. It only made sense that the mind/body/spirit could not be separated as it typically has been in our western culture. I consistently noted physical issues pairing with emotional issues and vice-versa. Understanding that focusing on problems could not lead to solutions, I realized that staying stuck in feelings of depression or anxiety was often a result of focusing on these feelings and confusing ourselves into believing that we are these thoughts and feelings when in actuality we are simply “observing” the experiences. As early as language develops we begin making labels for everything and by doing so we confuse our True Nature with words that simply describe feelings, images, and concepts often leading us to emotional and/or physical “dis-ease”.

Becoming a Registered Yoga Teacher I was free to integrate my knowledge of breath work, meditation, and yoga techniques into my counseling to provide a more holistic approach to wellness. These techniques were successful with adults, children, and families. In addition I became a Certified Hypnotherapist, which allowed me to work with people at levels that they could not reach consciously.

However, even with employing all of my knowledge and training I realized that I was still enmeshed in a system that separated the mind/body/spirit, focused on symptoms, and was most of the time more concerned with paperwork and getting paid than with the client’s health and wellness needs. I make note here that the professionals within the system are NOT in it for the bottom line, and truly wish to serve and assist. The health system itself is based from a paradigm that prohibits it from being holistic at this time.

Due to this and the realization that within this system I was only able to reach people that were in severe “mental health” imbalance as it is our culture’s belief to only focus on our health when we are sick instead of being proactive and preventative. Knowing that physical symptoms always possess an emotional component, I knew I was limiting my range of service by continuing to practice in a field that is the result of the mind/body dichotomy.

Within this time frame my husband Craig and I began searching for a small office space for me to begin my own practice of “enrichment counseling”. Searching for a space large enough for individual yoga instruction we stumbled into a wonderful space even larger to start a small wellness center instead of a practice geared solely towards individuals.

Becoming immersed in his own meditation and wellness practices years ago, my husband Craig experienced his own life transformation that now allows him to teach and share his wisdom with others. With a strong background in many different philosophies of health & wellness paired with a degree in education we knew he would be an asset to New World Wellness and be able to share his knowledge and wisdom with his clear and caring style. In addition, his ability to research, obtain, and apply information allows for continued growth for New World Wellness. Also as a musician and recording engineer, he brings to the table an understanding of vibrational healing. This allows New World Wellness to offer personalized hypnosis recordings for our clients and our educators at his off-site studio.

We now find ourselves at a most exciting point in our lives where we are able to share our vision with our community and continue our own Journey to Wellness while assisting others in their own Journey. This is the beauty of Life. To share…to learn…to grow…although we are all different varieties, we are all flowers in the garden of life. We are all a part of the totality and together can create the most beautiful scenery imaginable.

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