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Your Invitation to Wellness

“To bring peace to the earth,
strive to make your own life peaceful.”


New World Wellness Store Front
  • Would you like to begin “Feeling Good Now”?

  • Would you like to feel both physically and emotionally stronger, more flexible, more balanced, and more confident?

  • Would you like increased energy while feeling more at peace?

  • Would you like to feel as content as you can possibly be in this moment right NOW?

  • Is there anything going on within the body/mind/spirit that you would like to change, heal, or manifest?

  • Do you wish to create a healthier lifestyle for yourself and/or your family? Are there any unhealthy or limiting habits or thoughts that you would like to finally let go of?

  • Would you like to begin attracting those things in this life that you truly want instead of attracting those things that you do not want?

  • Would you like to try something new in the Kissimmee/St. Cloud area?

  • Would you like to visit a unique gift shop that promotes eco friendly, fair-trade, and locally-made items without having to travel too far from home?

  • Would you like to be a part of the creation of a more peaceful world by starting with the most important catalyst for change...yourself?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions then New World Wellness invites you to explore our website and to visit us in Historical Downtown Kissimmee where you will be able to experience the many wellness opportunities we have to offer.


At New World Wellness we believe in an integrative and holistic approach to health and wellness. Our practices are natural and complimentary to other health regimes. Community is important to us, and we are excited to provide a supportive, peaceful, and nurturing atmosphere where people can begin to align themselves with their own healing abilities while learning, growing, and connecting with others through group classes, workshops, and other events. Our world is so important to us. We are each a part of this world, and we are each equally important. As we become healthier so will our families, friends, and communities. The ripple effect of health and wellness spreads out from ourselves into the world and into the Universe as a whole. Thus, by becoming healthier ourselves, we change the world making it a better place.

New World WellnessAt New World Wellness we value the earth, and we keep our business practices as eco-friendly as possible by choosing healthy, natural products and recyclable items. This is true from our pens, papers, brochures, and business cards down to our cleaning products, merchandise, and energy efficient bulbs.

We are all living in a point in time where we must make a choice to be a part of a New World that believes strongly in responsibility, support, connection, preservation, growth, healing, and peace as any alternative to this choice will only continue to lead us to more suffering both individually and globally. This is your time, and it is NOW. This is your invitation.

Come join us in creating a healthier you…and a healthier world.

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